fifi says hi

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wanna talk to you

I've been trying hard to reach you, cause I don't know what to do


Three little birds, sat on my window.
And they told me I don't need to worry.
Summer came like cinnamon
So sweet

well its officially sweatshirt/sweater weather... ummm YES! i have always loved fall and everything about it, halloween being the most wonderful part but back to school shopping, indian summer nights, getting hurricane-d on last thursday while waiting for the j.. haha everything's wonderful. but really. made of list of things i need to redesign my portfolio and to get rid of old work, so im starting on that this week, which should be refreshing. been applying a lot, haven't heard much but just feel like its a matter of time. been riding kiel's bike around, while i wait to pay for chelseas and get it from brock. everything else has been low key, i made baked ziti and homemade pizza this week, both really awesome. thinking taco's next. went out to queens center mall yesterday a quite ridiculous adventure, a little unnecessary but kiel got halo. got some la burrito and budweiser.. per usual. ooh new glasses and contacts this week... yesss.

will we be remembered

its funny how time flies, looking back through old pictures always makes me wonder how will i be remember and more importantly how i will remember these times... as september quickly approaches i cant help but to wonder how ill remember this summer. maybe ill remember all the lazy days kiel and i spent, fridays at pianos, early morning train rides, graduation, bonnaroo, but what i liked most was all the time i spent in outerspace, drifting, widdling away my youth, or young adulthood, probably more like it since im 24 now. ehh. i dont know, looking through these photos hopefully help me put into perspective the time as it goes by, and remind me it wont last forever. because as much as i feel jayz's forever young, no one is exempt. there is no forever young. youth is relative.